Thursday, November 13, 2008

Act II Scene I - The Johnson Interview Invite!!

After a month and a half of waiting... I finally got the coveted mail!!!
The Johnson School would like me to schedule an interview as soon as possible!!!!!!!!
Once I was done with my apps... F5ing my mailbox every 10 mins has become a way of life for me....And finally it paid off !!!

The journey to Ithaca is not possible at this stage so I am mulling over the adcom telephonic option or alum interview. Right now I am more inclined towards the alum interview..lets see how it works out..

On other fronts I pushed Duke and Stern to Rnd 2. I am regretting the Stern decision a teeny weeny bit but something inside really stopped me from going ahead with it.

All best to those gearing up for interviews and those ready to hit submit on Stern!!!

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trystwithmba said...

And you'll have an invite from Ross as well by the time you complete Cornell's interview!