Thursday, May 29, 2008

The same journey...through the same path..the destination nowhere in sight

In pursuit of my dream , my destination, I set off on the same beaten track
Weary, agitated , pre occupied, helpless i am...none reason enough to cut some slack
Got lost again in the same wilderness, all the pit stops visited and familiar
No its not deja vu, nor a recurring dream -the trail left behind is visible and clear

Why am I lost again?What are the signs saying?
Is this path not meant for me?
Is this the only path to my destination? will i see a clearing just ahead?
Or is this just how the path is meant to be?

Should I push myself the extra mile-"just maybe this is the right track" even if i'm bruised and sore?
Or should I just retreat back ,look out for another path..... lest i get lost more?
Lost? am I really lost? is this journey really a complete waste?
Was I not enthralled by that mystical creature?weren't the wild berries exotic in taste?

I think i'll stop here .....get back my bearings....get rid of the fuzziness engulfing me
I'm sure some rest and a bright new dawn will grant me the road ahead to see
Weary, agitated , pre occupied I still am....helpness now I am not
I am sure i'll figure out a way sooner or later to the destination I have always sought......

( i'm feeling so much more positive right now after penning down some of my thoughts....
another bout of gmat today. the score is still 690 but the match is not over as yet.

am trying to figure out if i need to read more into I trying too hard...should I allow gmat to be an indicator of my capabilities........shld i give it another shot...or should i conserve my energy, time and money in strengthing my app.......

i did definately gain a lot in this process...brought about some discipline in my discovering the powers of meditation.....eating a bit healthy for a change....all of this is definately here to stay!!!

I think I need a good night's sleep......put things in perspective and start afresh with renewed vigor... i am def looking forward to my new dawn! )