Thursday, March 13, 2008

My "Post-It " for today

Before I finally call it a day i'd like to list down the schools I am looking at and make it to their events at my part of the globe.

I am looking at a program that is a good mix of non profit/social entrepreneurship and strategy with a greater emphasis on practical learning vis a vis class room teaching and a good number of international admits.

The last time I checked, UCLA looked interesting too. Am I missing any school so far???????

Another non linear curvy day

should i wait another yr ...should i just settle for something less... ohh yeah when did u start seeing the glass as half empty....u are so convinced about getting the degree and enhancing your career and this the school i'd love to be associated with.... haven't you always loooooooooooveeddddd this school.....but all website and blogs and forums praise their school and think its the best B school on planet dig out more on it, talk to people, pester frens n family and frens frens n family frens for inputs and contacts and then decide for urself....ya but still u know but then.....ohh shut up and stop worrying so much unnecessarily.....u have it in you , just don let the steam run out...........(and its tomorrow already!!! --yeah nearly 3 am and ticking!!!)

I Need Answers ... and I Need them NOW

I'm back after a loooonngg hiatus still clueless...still tossing and turning....still apprehensive....still excited.....still confident...still wavering....stillllllllllllllll

Ok enough of my crap..i need answers to questions that have been gnawing at me for a long long time...

  • Do Tom Dick Harry exist in the good business programs or are all admits extraordinary - exemplified like The Class of 2009, for example, includes a Scrabble master, a Purple Heart recipient, a fixed-wing glider pilot, a lobster-eating champion, a policy advisor in the Bush White House, an inventor with a patent for the "Compact Dual Cyclone Combustor," a former university mascot, and a novelist---@ Yale SOM

  • How do you bridge the gap between "Is school XYZ the best fit for me as the person I am, for my personal growth, for my career goals and aspirations" and "Am I the kind of candidate school XYZ is looking out for ".....

  • Visiting the school, talking to the current students, soaking in the atmosphere and "a day@school" would partly answer my prev question I guess , but wht if one does not have the chance to do so? what's the next best thing???