Friday, August 15, 2008

Back Up or Back Out !!!

That's what I realised this afternoon and copied all my app. data into my ipod...My machine has been giving me some problems for the past few days..being very very irrational - taking ages to open the browser...i'm perpetually getting to see "windows not responding"...

What if my machine goes into irreversible hibernation one fine day and I lose out on all my app. data ?!?

The though itself gives me the shivers..

So I immediately backed up my MBA folder and now I feel much much better...

I don't think I need to say something as elementary as this but I hope you guys are constantly backing up your app..

On some other musings... I was wondering if Michael Phelps would ever need to come up with the entire application package or just a call to the adcom would see him sail through!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

KTS-II works fine for me!

I was just going through which mentions the Keirsey Temperment Sorter. It refers the MBTI so it should be pretty authentic. I saw that the only spending I'd have to do is a couple of mins so I decided to take the test. And voila the results mirrored my personality perfectly! I'm an Idealist. Perfectomondo. Further on I fit the role of a Champion. YaY !!!

More on it here

I'm feeling even more energised now :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Writer's Block :-/

Its been over 15 days that I have been handed out 8 of the (atleast) 40 essays I got to write and all that I have managed in the past 2 weeks is just 1. (Yes I am hanging my head down in shame!)

I have my content with me but I am finding it really difficult to structure my essay. I'm wondering how to start "How will you contribute to the overall experience of your peers at Duke?" Should it have some punch and creativity or should I be "precise" as expected by all adcoms...and then I have 2 pages (more than 1000 words if I use a Font Size of 10) to tell the adcom how I am a "leader of consequence". Still trying to figure out how much will come across as a jack of all (sometimes this cld actually be + ) and how much will consitute as rambling....
The person/experience/event has its outline ready but then again creating a smooth flow and giving a clear insight into how he/she/it has contributed to who I am today needs some work on my end....
The only 1 I have ready so far is career goals and why duke... needs a bit of tweaking and trimming but I think its nearly there.... itching to send it across to my reviewers but gotta wait for the others to get done :(

The other set of essays out is Ross.. Ross is my mecca! and I think I have been adviced correctly not to start off with it. But I have been thinking of my "alternate career"...had an initial choice of 3 but I think I have narrowed it down to 1. Being me I'd love to give all 3 a shot and I'm sure I wouldn't do too badly either! Coming onto "challenging time" I'm sure all those who know me will instantly recall a personal incident (and people actually have) but I am wondering if I want to write about it and if it would speak about my candidature...Professional accomplishment -I shall wait for my current project to finish...none of my past projects could ever beat this one...
Career goals and why Ross- I thought this would be a cake walk! I've been in love with Ross for over 2 years now but then isn't it true that feelings cannot be always expressed in words! (yeah yeah I know excuses :((( )

So there goes I have 8 essays to write so far... spent some time thinking bout each one.. but just have the 1st draft of only 1 ready....hmmmnnnn I have miles to go before I sleep .....

I wonder how the others are faring...hope I'm not the sole one suffering from a writer's block!