Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Ross Interview Debrief

No fancy title. No exclaimation mark. No excitement , post THE Ross interview.
Shakespeare has said "hope to joy is more in joy than hope enjoyed" and I say "Aye, sir. I'm now hoping for my next joy."

To come to the point, the interview did not go as well as I hoped and anticipated, but that still does not stop me from hoping to be in Ann Arbor in Fall 2009 or planning for the M-Trek before that.

I walked into the interview with some notions like 30 mins, standard set of questions, formal etc etc...I was not wrong and since that was playing at the back of my mind.. it did hinder.

We started off with the resume walkthrough and then why mba...then it moved onto why Ross..what's my association with the Ross community....a leadership example and a difficult time in working in a team...

It was then my turn to ask him questions..I asked him about his experience at Ross ( and I knew what the answer would be!). So the only silver lining I see is that we connected well on the Ross community and people front... I have been in touch with some of his batchmates and we exchanged notes on the alumni reach , bonding and warmth.

However, to me he did not seem to be a good interviewer. He was not well prepared, and he did fumble on the questions as well. I've got the same feedback from others who have interviewed with him so I guess the verdict is across the board.

I wish it had gone differently and I'd enjoyed it more but that's history. Hope my future says "GO BLUE".

To those of you with admits in EA and Rnd 1 -Congratulations!!!!
To those with dings - Life definitely does not end here.
To those gearing up for Rnd 2 - All the Best!