Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Of my first submit, some palpatations, a lot of excitement and more......

I just clicked on the Submit button in my Johnson application!!!

I momentarily lost a heartbeat and had a panic attack (have I filled in correctly... am i sure there are no spelling mistakes... have I goofed up anywhere.... and blah blah blah)
But now I feel so much better and lighter..Irrespective of the outcome..I know I gave it my best shot.

A couple of inputs to those who are yet to submit the Johnson app:
1. Johnson is one of the very few (or should I say only school) that gives some room (read words) to the applicant to fill in activities and ECs. Make the most of it but yes do not go overboard just coz u see 5000 characters!
2.There is no point is agonizing over formatting coz the word processor just does not allow it. This really messed up my table of contents and all the hours I had spent in sprucing it up and making it look real were an absolute waste. You are better off spending your time in proofreading the app.

Now its one down and 4 to go.....

Its now time to Go Blue!!!!


ruche said...

Good luck for your further application. I am planning to apply to Cornell in RD1. I have a question regarding the third question. For the table of contents, did you use the list format or did you write a small paragraph about important things in your life.

mba musings said...

Hey Ruche,

I have used the list format..with one line describing each chapter...

my take on this was since i am asked "table of contents" I need to keep it as realistic as possible without leaving the reader guessing about what each chapter stands for... however the application does say "use your judgement"